Three regions, three conference experiences, one theme: “Gospel Footprint: Every Man, Every Woman, Every Child.” 2015 brings a fresh feel to District Conference with even more ways to engage in keynote seminars, round tables, passionate worship and prayer, themed workshops, and focused training--all geared to encourage and equip leaders in their cultures of ministry.

The theme of “Gospel Footprint” essentially challenges us to increase our effectiveness of the Mission. It’s the mission of redemption fulfilled in Christ to which we are called to advance as His hands and feet, and it affects everything from our personal agendas to even the perception of our roles in the kingdom. This year’s conference is all about finding how we can engage the mission to ultimately see every man, woman, and child have the chance to respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, by offering three options in three different regions, we are giving both leader AND layperson greater opportunities to attend and interact within our seminars and workshops. Agendas will still include administrative gatherings, but don’t miss the chance to come together and join the movement to increase our Gospel Footprint.

Prepare to engage in:

Worship Services - Exciting Seminars - Practical Workshops - Interactive Discussions

Leadership Equipping - Resource Sharing - Business & Administration