As we look at 2017, our hearts are filled with hope for what God is going to do!  Help us as we strive to reach every man, woman, and child with the gospel of Jesus Christ by multiplying churches throughout our cities and neighborhoods in Florida.  There are two ways to do this: 


Give Generously

 The District Operations Fund does is not able to support church multiplication.  Thus, we rely on the generosity of our churches to further give to help us assist our churches toward greater vitality and to plant new churches.  On the weekend of February 26, Alliance churches across the country will hold Church Planting Sunday.  That is when we are asking our district churches to commit to support the Church Multiplication Offering (CMO).  Our need for this year is $195,000 to go towards new projects, multiplication associates, training, grants, and other needs.  This can be done through direct donations, allocation from church budgets, special offerings, faith promises, and partnership with specific church plants.



As you hear of all that is happening in the effort to increase our Gospel Footprint, and how the multiplication associates are vital to this effort, we hope that you will sense that you should be involved.  There will be more training opportunities for you and your leaders this year, and there are resources we would like to share with you to assist you in increasing your gospel footprint in your community.  Perhaps God might lead you to plant a church, as well.  We certainly need your involvement through fervent prayer.