There are lots of different “zones” in life, but the zone of motherhood—with all its different ages and stages—is one zone that can never be completely outgrown. Once you’ve become a mother, it’s always a part of you.  I really love being a mom with all its ups and downs, exhaustion, joys, and tender moments, however, there is an ongoing tension between the call of motherhood and the call of vocation.

Some women pursued vocation before marrying and having children, then take a break for a period (or perhaps even permanently); others opt to go back to work after a short time; some choose working from home, part-time work, or full-time work—there are many choices.

No matter what choices each of us has made, this tension always plays a part in the zone of motherhood. Many of us feel both divinely called to motherhood while at the same time called to a vocation. God has imbued each of us with unique passions and desires both within and outside the mantle of motherhood—all for his good purposes.

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