Do you find it hard to see a missional breakthrough in your context? Do you find it challenging to understand the culture that you are part of? As we’ve wrestled with those same questions, we’ve developed a little tool that can help you in understanding your culture better but also helps you to ask the right question when it comes to see missional breakthrough.

The other day I saw a Facebook status from one of my friends that has no connection to church or Jesus. She wrote: “I got injured playing sports. Does anyone know an alternative healer I could go to?”

I responded that I knew Jesus, who is a great alternative healer, and I would love to pray for her. She wrote back that she was ready to try anything so she came by the office and we prayed for her. Totally amazingly, she got healed! It was a surprise for me and to her, and she said, “I really felt a great energy.” With that comment in mind, I started to reflect on the encounter.

Here was a person that was totally open to God and the works of Jesus, but she had no real knowledge of him. At the same time, I also meet a lot of people who have lot of knowledge about Christianity but are very closed to God.

So my question has been, Is there a way of identifying the spiritual journey the people in our local missional context are on? Many in our movement know the Person of Peace tool, which is very helpful for us in our personal encounter with people. But as a local leader, I have wanted a tool that can help me understand the broader spiritual and missional context I am finding People of Peace in.

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